Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I just hijacked ur Status message!!

Before my post on the most important things I have learnt in my entire life.. thought of preparing you from wat others are thinking about their life.. or in general what they have to convey... through their gestures.. through their body language.. and If you are reading this Im sure you must have seen them... the most common these days...status messages in orkut...

Have a look at the top 75 I selected! 

1. Bored with Life!! [must be a software engineer]
2. I love her :) ;) 8) [love her or loved her.. lol] 
3. In search of destiny!![try a google search..]
4. single [Inviting mode eh ?? ;)]
5. You may have created my past and screwed up my present but you have no control over my future [,said someone else]
6.she had a peculiar way of singing her words that made it easy for me to remember them..words as vivid and luscious as flowers..!!! [poetic..]
7.on a growth phase [definitely a finance freak]
8. Jai ho........ [ a slumdog ? :D]
9. Awaiting my Destiny!! [tats good.. be patient]
10. [sarcastic smile]
11. [sweet smile]
12. Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success [very true] when they gave up. [did they ever ??? ;)]
13. [mixed feelings]
14. Happy 2009!!! [till now... YES]
15. I am the artist that owns the mantle of the earth [Oh U must be the praying mantle eh..] 
16. Today's fortune: You will do well to expand your business [wats sought of business ??]
17. Very very very happy [hey!! found an alien]
18. Finally peaceful [where ???]
19. visit [friend gets free marketing thru ma blog]
20. [ these are cool pics.. have a look at em]
21. oscar comes to india,kerala....jai ho!!!![india,kerala,kollam,anchal,vilikkupara,his house, his drawing room... keep creating more walls]
22. Best of me ...
23. frins are around....but me still alone.. ....nywayz loneliness is always with me...n im happy abt tht...[atleast loneliness is not lonely.. it has U]
24. !! [well said]
25. Wedding bells are ringing.. life goes on nd on nd onnnnnnnnnnnnnnv:) :( [U should read my blog] 
26. visit "" and put your comments [do the same here also ;)]
27. " Each Minute of Stress is Wasted Time........ So Enjoy Life Man " [wat?]
28. Keep smilling :) [do that!]
29. Always run faster than the slowest member in the group [shouted a lion from the woods]
30. lonely no more!!>>>here without you<<< [Onsite! ;)]
31. Single [ inviting mode eh ?? ehm ehm!!]
32. Get outta here!!!!!! [oops... sorry]
33.   new guitar  [Im planning to get one too..]
34. think of the fate of the thousands like Salim, Jamal and Lathika [wat about ur fate ?]
35. Every commoner have have a day of celebration, even to slumdog. [lets all celebrate then] 
36. You only have to do a very few things right in your life so long as you don't do too many things wrong.. [else u should not do anything at all]
37. Nothin else matters !! [I can understand!]
38. Dont let someone bcom priority in ur life wen you are jus an option in their life..[but dont you think we are actually prioritizing our OPTIONS ?? so the problem here is having options..not prioritizing!!]
39. ...tRpy aLL dAy! [read my blog and benefit from it]
40. Jst Forget n Forgive,,,,.[forget forget forget... echo!]
41. "A true friendship is one step bigger than a lover" [one step bigger or the step towards ur lover ?]
42. Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans. [the Beatles way]
43. keep hopin for the best............. [all the best]
44. There Is No Way 2 Happiness.....Happiness Is The Way........!! [well said dude.. keep saying]
45. Enjoy Life as much as You can Without Affecting Others Privacy Since Life is in ur Hand [take ur hands off from ur life and hold em firm on the iron bar tats hung on the ceiling.. so even if someone pulls ur leg u can stay in the air]
46. The best is yet to come...!! [tats Positive thinking! and ignorance of the present]
47. Confused... [ya around 6 billion people are]
48. The beauty of an original is in the originality of its beauty. [come again]
49. There is nothing stopping me ... but inertia .. [inertia or rest ????]
50. My life revolves around my dual personality. The lighter side won't interest you and the 
darker side will follow me to my grave. [and my name is Osami ben lantern(name changed for security purposes)]
51. Let there be Light !!! [Let ther be AC too... its summer ahead]
52. "when two people meet and they are happy , i thnk there should be a marriage " !! [show ur happiness in public @ bangalore.. U will automatically get married!]
53. Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. – M.K. Gandhi [Quoted..! so no comment]
54. Narrow escape from Avalanche...[Avalanche!!.. reminds me of the avalanche of electrons that moves from points X to Y 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 mm apart] 
55. Pursuit of Happiness.....!! [Life, Liberty and the... ]
56. Tu Muskura Jahan Bhi Hain Tu Buss Muskura!!!!! [keep smiling in short!]
57. Never show too much love or concern to creates a non curable pain...when they avoid you"... [Read my blog.. it will get cured in a day...! so keep loving as much as u can]
58. Never Judge a man's actions until you know his motives [Caution: stay away from this guy!!]
59. "Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it!!! [true... ehm.. false.. no no its true]
60. "Hope for the best but prepare for the worst" [If the worst doesnt come repend thinking abt the time u wasted making backout plans.. but prepare for the worst!]
61. -a nEw bEgINing [ New begining No: ??]
62. CouRAgE Is SoLiD [Sometimes gaseous.. If u have courage]
63. Entheee.... Njanarinjeelaaa.... Njan arinjilaa.... [He is not in this world]
64. bye friends busy wih studies till board exams so seeya after 21 march [It takes jus 3 mins,5 muscles to login-checkurscrap-scrap-logout in orkut.. njan Guarranty!Skip ur maggy snacks.. it jus takes 3 mins to keep in touch!]
65. Eyes never lie Nor dreams![but some eyes can render you dreaming!!!] 
66. My soul is lost in a desert of solitude. Please give it some room in ur garden of luv [Read my blog... the garden of love is here]
67. may b u wer right,bt u din see i wz lonely..i don want 2 fight,& i m tired of being sorry.. [emotional atyachaar...!!] 
68. Life has no bells&breaks.... [It has BREAKS!! dont they ?? ;)]
69. ice storm!!! [WHERE ??????????????????????? ]
70. naamalinjillatheyakunnu,ragathin muralikayilunarunna madhura nadam pollllll.........[I seeee...]
71. good relns knw each other ..close relations understand each other but gr8 relns stay 4 
ever across time ,distance and money.. [how abt funtabulous relationships ? dont they hv time to think abt nything else??]
72. Now a corporate...!!! [soon they ll incooperate!]
73. One may understand the cosmos, but never the ego; the self is more distant than any star.” [You are watching self discovery channel!]
74. The journey of the Alchemist starts here [ and ends where ?]
75. redefining destiny...[Albert Einstein ka baap!]

And the winner is................................................

"Dont let someone bcom priority in ur life wen you are jus an option in their life.."

For more on this you gotta wait till my next post... Life - Priority - Love - People often get jammed thinkin about all these... my upcoming post wil make a spread out of that JAM!


  1. u really took the pains to copypaste 75 of them!
    Bravo! :)

    neway.. think im guilty of No.24 on ur list....

  2. haa.... you have a lame choice mate..
    there are better ones in the list
    this one sounds like someone just dumped u...

  3. @vaisakh - I took a pledge tat I wud talk only abt love in my blog!! i dont give Oscars @ my blog..! nor do I give Nobel for literature..! This one goes with the essence my blog holds.. Sope... say Cow-A-Bunga!

  4. er...u wud talk only abt love in tis blog? i thought u were talking about status msgs!!!

  5. @Midhun
    If not this blog.. some status messages do talk about love... :)