Tuesday, March 10, 2009


A dark blue spot appears at the centre of a pitch black screen... The spot grows into a blue marble.. elegant with its turouise blue tint, it turns blue green white mix as we zoom in... Wat could it be other than the third planet of the solar system.. the only planet ever discovered where ther is love(at mars they found only life)... The blue beauty of the universe.. Earth! On the planet is a large peninsular region secured and sometimes threatened by the three great water bodies.. The Arabian sea, The Indian Ocean and The bay of bengal.. On the banks of the western side a small wave dies at the shores of a small villiage.. The village wer I learnt what life is.. what love is... wat friends are.. wat hardwork meant.. wat bunk means.. wat hate is.. wat arrears were.. wat diode links.. wat resistors resist.. wat victory is.. wat failure was... 

Water retreats... 

It retreats revealing the sea bed.. 
blue-yellow-green were the correl reefs
over which
the tuna, seer and the catla
lay gasping for breathe..
watching all these scene was
a white little pigeon on the tree which
only someone on the light house could see.. 
It flew swifting down the shore..
it flew down to the reefs,
to get hold of the orange little goldfish,
tat fluttered over, the rocks revealed
A huge Wave, miles high
slashes down like a pirate krieg
and hits the flying dove 
buffing with its anger spree
You can hear people scream,
you can hear people cry
All of a sudden its all numbness, no feel
A white soft feather is the only thing you can see... 
the december wind took it east
Through the groves it flew.. 
to the acres that taught, what love is to me...
it danced and swirled with the breeze it tripped,
it crossed the pond, it crossed the road
to reach the college compound.
ther was noise.. there was cheer..
two girls stood on the second tier,
their eyes blinked below their thin eyebrows
In their hands was a green little book..
They looked at each other as they flipped it open
my name was written in blue bold gel ink..
Eyes slowly rolled down.. they smiled again, they giggled,
just as they read wats written beneath..
was written in gold glitter red ink - Memories followed by three "."s (dots)

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