Saturday, March 7, 2009

I chose love and I'm Here! - the Option Or Priority Syndrome(OOPS)

"The essence of the film which is about optimism and the power of hope in the lives, and all my life I had a choice of hate and love. I chose love and I'm here"
- A.R. Rahman

Though my head phones were pumping out sound waves that sang the most romantic song of the season, wat really resonated in my ears were these golden words from the Great Indian Mozart who grabbed 2 of those gold-plated britannium statuette..

I chose love and I'm Here!

Guys...!! Thats exactly, wat this fuzzy noise you are hearing abt, is all about..! 

I chose love too! tats the exact reason why I'm here...and this blog about love, a memorabilia
compiled pro bono publico, is here!

Now getting back to where I stopped my last post...Yes exactly.. the JAM I was talking about..! Here Lets have a second look at this emotional atyachaar and refresh(does tat really?) ur memory:

"Dont Let Someone Become a Priority In Your Life, When You Are Just An Option For Them..."

Lets do a post mortem of this... Looking for clinical instruments...?? Here they are to ur rescue..

A Prima facie case of Just-Got-ditched! as said by one of ma blog readers..

When obsession towards something rules the heart the brain is a dumb spectator... Love has a deep relationship with chemistry. It creates free radicles within the brain cells that shuffles all our thoughts, causing us to act illogically making us scribble such quotes quoted by some Just-Got-Ditched guy/gal...!

This Option-priority-priority-option thing...Its common.. dont we prioritize things.. we brush our teeth first before having a bath.. so we hav given "brushing" more importance.. PRIORITY!! If someone else is using the wash basin and ur in a hurry.. why not take a bath first n then brush ur teeth.. ??? I know this is a stupid example but still.. brushing and bathing are two options in our lives [really rite ;-)] we prioritize it.. Brushing may be the first priority... but it still remains an option.. u can very well go for the next option...

Did a bulb glow ? or is it still blinking ??????

Now Read it sslooooow:

If someone is a priority in ur life... U have prioritized him/her over ur other OPTIONS.. Without options u cannot prioritize...! So in effect thinking vice versa if you are (just) an option for them, they too are options for you... may be only the chronological ranking varies - u w.r.t to him/her or He/She w.r.t U! SIMPLE!!!

[I know i made it too complex.. see how easy is it to confuse ppl ;-)]

So move on man... Your next option is not tat bad... ;-)

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