Saturday, May 16, 2009

Love Rained in Chennai!

It was a natural miracle. Up in the sky, a few miles high, a set of dark clouds roared at me.. yes the same dark clouds I was talking abt a few blog entries back... I knew they were approaching... It was historic.. It was just a far dream for me to imagine how water vapour would condense down into a few droplets, large enough to quench the thirst of a drought ridden barren land... Water drops! For it, it was Love... a soft caring touch that makes it forget all the pain it went through.. all the dryness.. all the neglegence.. all the cracks.. all the gaps... 

I was walking down the lane when a big drop landed on my forehead, as I raised my head up.. There was thunder... ther was lightning in the sky... But I knew they wer all trying to wake me up alive... alive into a world of happiness... into a world of comfort..into a world free from hea(r)t strokes... ;-) Into a world of love, peace and harmony... Half drenched in the maiden rain I walked... Dreaming... smiling... hoping... and most importantly with a state of elated bliss.. with each and every single cell in my body boasting... yeah..!! Love rained in Chennai!! :)