Saturday, February 28, 2009

Im in Love Again!!

I've been doing a lot of thinking, and the thing is, I love you.
Sally: What?
Harry: I love you.
Sally: How do you expect me to respond to this?
Harry: How about, you love me too.
Sally: How about, I'm leaving.

Harry: Well how about this way. I love that you get cold when it's seventy one degrees out, I love that it takes you an hour and a half to order a sandwich, I love that you get a little crinkle above your nose when you're looking at me like I'm nuts, I love that after I spend a day with you I can still smell your perfume on my clothes and I love that you are the last person I want to talk to before I go to sleep at night. And it's not because I'm lonely, and it's not because it's New Years Eve. I came here tonight because when you realise you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of the life to start as soon as possible.

[courtesy: When Harry met Sally ]

when you realise you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of the life to start as soon as possible!!!

came across these words in one of ma friend's marriage website(21st Century.. I know)... He wouldn't hv ever put tat up ther if Harry had never met Sally.. :) Well thanks to tat movie and the writer(a lover... after all everyone loves)...

The point here is.. after a quarter decade... Im in Love again...!! :)
[To the friends who are now thinking about sarcastically commenting on this tat "She"(Ofcourse its a She!) will get committed to another guy soon... keep saying...]

they say that Love is eternal no matter wat the lovers fate is! ;-)

Must be true... coz I believe tats the reason why I still get the aroma of her lipstick during cold December evenings when I sit back close my eyes and think about those days when we used to hold our misty hands during the short walks through the valley at the Western Ghats... I can still remember the beautiful patterns the twinkling stars made upon the black Christmas sky... I can still remember the angry look the butterfly gave when I plucked yellow little flowers for her from the garden... I can still feel the warmth of her chest tat kept me in comfort during heavy monsoon downpours... I can still remember where her brown shiny little eyes rolled when I came closer to her and she in shyness started to talk about discovery channel team comin up to dig the college ground to discover nothing but a few skeletons...!!

On the comment from an anonymous friend who said - "93 Million or 3 Billion ... but u will never get the lost one(s) ...." Its true tat people move Away... but the love for them remains forever... In a way it crawls IN (like during those cold December evenings) to put you in a disturbed mode... a mode tat gives u pain.. a pain tats good... Love ??? hmm.... Love is eternal (It disturbs u always) !!!

Well... I don't have the right to say "In Love Again" coz I hv been in love always... I go with the saying "Never fall in love... Rise from love!!!" U gotta stay in love always to if u wanna rise from it always rite... ? :)

But yeah.. the pursuit of happiness is still ON!

Machine: Hi, I'm not home right now, call you right back.

Harry: If you're there please pick up the phone, I really want to talk to you.
The fact that you're not answering leads me to believe that you're
a) Not at home.
b) Home, but don't want to talk to me. Or
c) Home, desperately want to talk to me, but trapped under something heavy.

If it's either a) or c) call me back.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Tryst - The Dark clouds are approaching!

Yesterday one of ma colleague got married.. We did arrange a 2 day trip to witness this auspicious day of hers... On the way we saw monkeys, ate biriyani(not with them fcourse), took hair pin turns, pedalled a 4 seater boat for half an hour!! (tats stamina), gulped down umpteen litres of water, watched a Chak-de-India-sacks-hockey-hires-Gilli romantic tragedy movie, snapped hundreds of photos... It was fun ...!! but after all this, the most important lesson learnt at the end of the day was: PEOPLE ARE GETTING MARRIED!! Some already Got.. Some will Soon and some Later!! Thers no escape!

Lets see wat some had to say during last week:

My TL : I might in an year.. yeah one year for sure... I guess 27-28 is the apt age.. how old are you ???
Mr B: Hows marriage at kerala ?? will it take hours ??( As if he has a Mallu girl ruling his heart making the brain wander down south-west)
Mr A: hmm... haaa.. ahmm... ehmm... eh..... (looks towards my back.. raises his hand to wave...Cries "HEY!!!" and vanishes)
Mr S (Didnt get time to talk to him... He was always busy with missed calls, calls and SMSes...) :
Mr D (I was afraid to talk to him.. he was down with feelingzzz after watching the movie I mentioned above...):
Ms F: Getting Frustrated???? ha ha.. me too.. Welcome to the club buddy.. (hmm.. am not alone :) )
My Boss ka boss: wat nonsense... hmm.. will see..(Sarcastic smile) Did you get a chance to see my email ???
Mr B(Once I hung up my phone after an important conversation): da She's booked! (now wat does tat mean??) She has a boy friend!
Cousin : I think you should get married!.. bla bla bla(philosophy) (well thx for the advice)
Mom (to an unknown gals aunty): He has shown a light green flag!! (fooosh.. dark clouds approaching buddy!!)

Bachelors beware!! They r coming... !!!

The population of uncommitted gals r reducing... We find uncommitted gals only at college campuses... Hence I decided to go back to the college... MBA.. MDes.. MS.. MTech.. nything!! HEAVEN IS THERE!!!

@ Office couple of them got married this month! Half a dozen got engaged! Majority are thinking abt a second marriage!!(tat was a wild but yet probable and not impossible possibility.. huh!) ;-)

Even a thought on marriage can be classified as nightmare.. It would be a complete hault to those late night chats with friends.. Blanking out celebrations @ 11:00PM when a friend breaks in with a dozen of Lager beer bottles.. No fun with friends...No Second shows.. No City centre visits.. No tea from your fav local tea shop.. No pub visits.. No Party.. No unplanned excursions.. and wat not... U ll never know wat u ll loose unless u fall into it!

But still even after seeing the danger sign board, sitting back in ma office cubicle, I wonder about the girl who is yet to step into my life (NB: The one who steps in and never steps out).. There are 6,706,993,152 people in this world of which almost 3,219,356,713 are females.. and a possible 1,126,774,850 of them within the age limit of 18 - 35.. on further refining we come to an approx figure of 5,63,387,425 and are the ones we are interested in! Being Indian and probability is more tat the gal would be an Indian,so tat would be 1/6th of it..somewhere around 93,897,904!

So one out of the staggering 93,897,904!

Where will She (ofcourse its a she!) be ?? Have you ever wondered(if ur single)?? (others will have other things to wonder about - out of scope to decribe)

Well she might be busy writing her lab records.. or attending her first patient at some ABC hospical, or must be frantically googlging to get a working Code!.. cracking her head on SDLC, Scrum, Java beans, struts and worrying abt recession.. or must be mixing H2SO4 with CH3Cl.. Or giving an "interesting" lecture to her students at some college.. She might be sunk in an ocean of research books in her college library.. She might be designing a party wear for the most glamourous model she ever knew.. Must be chatting with her boyfriend(who ll soon become her ex)! She might be sitting immediately above me on the third floor.. or if I look down, 3 cubicles to the right on the first floor...!! She must have seen me at a marriage reception and I never knew... or I might have seen her on the dance floor but never bothered to give a second glance... She might be the one who gave me instructions to set a callertune when I rang up the customer care.. She might be the one I sat with for CAT 2008.. She might be the one whom I messed up unknowingly at a college fest... She might have traveled with me from Chennai to Ernakulam in the same train same compartment and I never had a clue.. Or she might be the gal in the crowd whose eyes wer like studded diamonds which kept me restless for the next 2 weeks.. She could be Mom's bestfriend's daughter.. Dad's Godfather's Son's Wife's Mother's Son's Sister's daughter! Could be the gal next door.. A lost childhood friend..! A close friend..!! A close relative..!!! A total stranger..!!!!

You never know when fate would double knock ur door..

They say that.. “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Since all my efforts have failed! now I have left it to the Universe... TO CONSPIRE...!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My first Love Letter!

Hi ma Chweety Cutie Patootie,

Thanks for the night :) I will never forget it for my entire life… I realized how much I love you… you are the most beautiful and the most cute girl in this whole world… My heart melts when I look into ur eyes.. I want them forever.. I miss ya cho much.. love you love you love you.. muah!

with lots of kisses n hugs..

Ctl A!! Delete!!!

Its so boring being at office.. with no work... more over being Single...( Single - bored, goes hand in hand is it ?? ) Spl thanks to notepad for bearing tat emotional atyachaar of mine... Oh.. was tat a Love Letter i typed...??? phew..!!

Wiki says - A love letter is a romantic way to express feelings of love in written form.. It has also quoted a snippet from a love letter written 2 centuries back.. It said.. "Liebs du Mich, Wie ich Dich, Nichts Mehr Begaehr ich". interesting isnt it...ehm.!! Can’t understand ??? well Wiki says its German and means - "If you love me, like I love you, I will want for nothing more!". Amazing..............!!

Today I celebrated the sixth (death) anniversary of my first and the only Love Letter ever!

Was on my weekly visit to my home when I came up with disastrous idea to write a Love Letter.. not like the fake ones we write to keep our X'mas friends or our V-Day Secret angels curious and guessing.. this time A real one! Straight from the heart..! Straight to the heart!(and back)

My mantra:
Before giving the letter.. we gotta market it well as it hits the arena.. Like how Cibaca toothpaste used to come with small curios..! ball point pens used to come with scented ink..! Big Babool used to come up with WWF trump cards..! Simple brand management! after all who would care about the toothpaste until next day morning... scented pen unless ur writing exam of an important subject taught by the sexiest teacher on earth.. ;-) who ll remember the gum after the chew ???? and in similar thoughts.. who ll ever bother to remember having a piece of ruled paper with sugar coated crap scribbled all over it.. So.. the dilemma of the hour was - what to attach! A Gift ?

In Search:
With Rs60 in my pocket I visited the Archie’s shop nearby.. Getting both Card and Gift was near to impossible (if I am not to shop lift items) The teddy bears smiled at me and heard them say.. "Take me !!" "Take me !!" The dollies said shy and shimmering "Why not me?" "Why not me?" The answer was obvious and hence replied in style - "Sixty rupees flat..?? I ll take u to my flat" Can love be bought for Rs60 ??? tat was the question of the hour!

Deal Done:
Ended up picking a rabbit made out of light blue velvet cloth.. It had blue plastic eyes.. It had a chain and could be used with ur keys.. But what has a rabbit to do with love ??? The Only reason - it came with an attractive price tag - Rs50! 10Rs to reach back home.. "tats a good catch" I said to myself...

In two days I was ready with the plan.. She came walking down the library and me after my evening chaay.. With a crowd of future engineers and coding geeks mumbling around.. our eyes locked, the world stood still and I pulled out the gift pack from my bag.. smiled and said.. "Hi... This ones for U..." and whispered deep down in my heart.. "My Love !!"... and the rest is history…

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Red hot babe!

There she stood shy under the shades of the Neem tree revealing her beauty to not more than our security bhaiyya, a few girls on the adjacent flat, a few crows sitting on top branches.. It was time for her to move out from her comfort zone, for that was not the reason why she was built for and obviously not why I have come to meet her... I was a deadly fan of hers from the day I first saw her on television.. I used to keep my eyes glued on to the TV screen to see guys taking her over.. It never stopped with that.. I visited her quite often at a few places.. a few coincidences did help me to fix - She's is the one I was looking for.. Now she is mine... My red hot babes.. My Yamaha R15.. :)

Someone said it right.. Guys love gadgets more than gals.. This has always been my way to be happy.. experienced it when I got Sony Ericsson W700i camera phone, Sony Cybershot Camera DSC H9 with 8.1 Megapix and 20X zoom, Apple ipod classic... and now the HappinessMachine No: 5! R15.. This gadget of mine did help me stay away from gals for a few months(last quarter of 2008 to be precise) keeping me happy :) But yeah.. the prime motive of me getting a bike was to have a pillion rider who’s a "She"! ahem.. but that never happened! I believe the only gal who sat on it was.. hmm.. hmm.. ah... ah... chalo leave it..!!

My point here was that I got office today and need to rush.. Its salaam from me and my red hot babes... ;) See ya at office... :) and Im badly hit this time... I need a new gadget to stay happy.. which one ll I choose ???????

Monday, February 16, 2009

Dev - Gets his intro in style

(Yawwwwwwwwning..) I guys... gals too... Its jus 10:00 in the morning... but damn its a monday... Im awake but still am not yet out of my early morning dreams... Its after a long time that Im getting an HQ view of hers in my dreams... So shouldnt I close back my eyes and dream a bit more... and try to capture a few screen shots..... sope.. catch ya ppl after 5 mins................. Zzzzzz Zzzz zzz zZZZzz Snnorrrrrrr.... zzZZ....

(After 5 mins)

10:30 AM maaaaan... and Office ????? am too lazy today... guess I should take an off... and try out something good... how abt finding a new house.. ?? the present house doesnt have tat love aura around it.. its more like a match box.... How abt starting off with CAT 2009 preparations... ?? How abt making her portrait... ?? Forget all those things now.. let me check whether shes online now or not... ( throws the bedsheet on to the bed near by... walks down to the hall pulls his laptop off the table... and types)
Hey guys... and gals too.. didnt introduce myself... by the way... Im Dev... Dev__ watevr...
So now ll ya guys pls move ur eyes off my laptop screen ??? its personal.................................. havn't u heard ?? ITS PERSONAL AGAIN.......... ???????? thank you........................... :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Preface : He gets a name

I was in search for an apt name for the lead role... the yet to become hero... the one who never bothered to read - "Zero to Hero in 26.84 seconds" or "How to get a girl in 7 Days" or those self help books that promise you to help pick a girl from any dance pub... It wasn't difficult to find a name... I had my own.. But as I said earlier I dont want to wash it in public... So after 2 pegs of whiskey, browsing through all names in Orkut starting with V, G, R, J, A and D; writing down all the names of those guys who wooed my crushes away from me... and finally here I was with the name - The Zero (oops I meant hero) of my story... "Dev"... What better name would I ever get... ????? Well the story is not at all about me... so I dont have to worry about people calling me Dev from now on....

Well Im getting late now.... I have other commitments I dont want to fret or choke my brain thinking about his story or his so called girls or wat ever be the 'F'... better I leave it to him to narrate... Buddy Dev! this blog is all urs... Once done drop me a message @ I know its going to be boring.. So Im not going to refresh the blog 3 times a minute ( as how I generally do with Orkut) checking wat junk you have typed in here... Sope... its alvida from my side... and mera naam kharaab math karna... and please dont disturb me in between.....!

Tryst With Love - Wat a day to start

10:20 PM Satyam Cinemas 13 Friday Feb 09
Dev: Paro... ek photo bhejna...
Paro: woh tumhare paas hai naa... ( silence for a few seconds)
Dev: Bina kapdon wali...
Paro: Paagal ho gaye ho kya ??

What a movie to start the V Day with... Dev D.. a loosely inspired freaky version of Devdas! We 3 sat at the back most row and broke out into laughter after hearing each dialogue delivery... Perhaps we saw a Dev in each one of us ? or perhaps we saw him in each others ??? Or in each one who filled the cinema hall with thundering laughter ... ?? Well the discussions on tat can be taken offline... after all (like one of my friend keeps saying) who wants to wash his/her dirty linen out in the public...

Tryst With Love... Is a story... Story of a kid who plucked yellow little flowers for his girlfriend during his kindergarten.... its the story of the boy who got chocolates for his crush and ate it himself during the lunch break... its the story of the guy who proposed for the first time ever with a shivering hand and knocking knees... proposed the second time and nth time with another girl with ray of hope in the horizons... and is waiting to deliver his (n+1)th proposal to have his Love take its ultimate flight...

Disclaimer: The specified (n+1) is a tentative value which might get incremented based on some complex geometrical aspects of love and the state of being a being... All we can do right now is blame the stars(more blame games is yet to be revealed)...

11:59 PM and ticking (Satyam cinemas again... but this time its silence)
Dev: Mein tum se bohauth pyar kartha hoon....
Paro: hmm!! Pyar... Sach to yeh hai ki tum kabhi kisi se pyar nahi kar sakte... hai tho sirf ek se... Apne aap se...

Another Disclaimer: The kid-turned-boy-turned-guy-turned-man is not a Devdas for any reason.. he doesn't smoke.. nor has he ever tried grass or any sort of shit... nor does he take more than 5 pegs of vodka(even tat comes 1-2 times a year)... nor has he visited any Chanda... nor he gulps down one full bottle of Smirnoff... nor he has 1 km long dhoti which devdas drags all the way from Chandas den to Paro's bungalow... The story has 50% Truth, 25% bluff, 15% masala, 9% stolen stories 1% love and 0% luck!

Lets hope the hero will soon meet his heroine, so that I can wrap up this blog and publish a 200 paged book rather than as a 200 volumed modern epic ;-)

00:00:01 AM 14 Feb 2009 - Wish you all a Happy Valentines Day... and let me continue with what Dev has to say back to Paro... (Eyes stuck back on to the silver screen @ 6 Degrees... Satyam Cinemas... Second Show... Dev D and a cup of coffee)